• Sunday: Leaving after the 10 AM service. Bring luggage during Sunday School to be loaded. We will be grabbing lunch on the road.
  • MondayWednesday: We will be hosting a sports camp with children in the community in the morning, having lunch with them at the church we are partnering with, Bayside Baptist Church.
  • After the sports camp, we will be doing small service projects around the church in the early afternoon. The late afternoons and into the evenings will be filled with a fun activity, then leading into our study for the week entitled “Make It Matter” where we will be looking at how much difference a life empowered by Christ can make in the world.
  • Thursday: We will be going into New Orleans and into the French Quarter where we will have “breakfast” at Café Du Monde and lunch in the area. After this we will have our last service in our study of “Make It Matter” on our last night.
  • Friday: We will be heading out mid-morning, lunch on the road. And be back at the church by 8:30 that evening.


Payment Schedule:

First payment due: May 9th

Second Payment due: June 26th


Please feel free to give Cody a call or text at 706-913-3137 or email at with any questions!